Editorial Services for Authors

Are you ready to level up your writing?

You are? Excellent! Perhaps you’ve cleared the first dungeon (written an early draft), or maybe you’re getting ready for the final boss (releasing your book). Either way, let’s make sure you’ve got the tools to beat your next big writing challenge.


What’s the (Microsoft) Word?


Philip is such a blessing, not only fixing all my grammatical and spelling mistakes, but picking out inconsistencies, adding reminders for formatting things, checking band/song titles online to make sure I’ve got them right, applying all his professional skills/training, and referring back to lots of style guides to check. He makes my work as badass as it can be.

Alice Ewens

I highly recommend Well-Tempered Proof for your creative editing needs. Philip is a thoughtful, professional editor with a friendly disposition and a persistent work ethic. I have utilized Philip’s expertise for numerous projects now and I have always been pleased and impressed by the results. He is prompt, professional, and personable. If you are looking to put the finishing touches on your creative work, Philip Ridgers is your man.

– Clay Vermulm