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  1. Karen avatar

    Thank you for this blog. I have just read all of your posts about the PTC’s Essential Proofreading course. Having started this course this week, it has left me feeling both terrified and inspired. With a lot of hard work, I’m hoping to at least pass 🙏 (or I can maybe dream of a merit or distinction).

    Hope all is going well for you.

    1. Well Tempered Proof avatar

      Hi Karen,

      You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know that my posts were useful. I hope you find the course as useful as I did.

      Feel free to message me if you’re finding things particularly terrifying! I obviously can’t give out any of the assessment answers, but it can help to have someone to chat with when something gets hard. (I’ll likely tell you that I found the same thing tricky too!)

      On that note, don’t be afraid to contact your tutor either, once they’ve been assigned to you. Mine was absolutely lovely, and really helped get me unstuck on occasion.

      All the best, and I’ll have my fingers crossed that you pass with flying colours!

      1. Karen avatar

        Thank you, that’s very kind of you.

        All the best

  2. Action Partner avatar

    Is it advisable for Americans to take the Essential Proofreading course at the PTC?

    1. Well-Tempered Proof avatar

      It’s definitely possible, although the course has a strong focus on British English. Having said that, I’ve proofread for a fair few US authors since passing the course. The skills I learned from the PTC course have allowed me to do this, along with my copy of The Chicago Manual of Style.

  3. Deb H avatar
    Deb H

    Thank you very much for sharing so much useful information. I have been going around in circles this past week trying to decide which proofreading course I should take. Did you consider the Proofread Anywhere and Knowadays courses prior to opting for the PTC, by any chance? I have the PTC course on my list of options, along with the CIEP courses, the latter being a bit too expensive for me, sadly. Am I on the right road, do you think, in considering these the best 4 options? Have I missed any? My main stumbling block is whether or not to opt for a UK-based or US-based course. For some reason, I worry that I will feel at sea taking a course written completely in American English. I’d be grateful for any advice at all regarding the US/British English aspect which may help me make a decision.

    1. Well-Tempered Proof avatar

      You’re welcome, Deb! Thanks so much for your kind words. I opted for the PTC course because it’s highly regarded (like the CIEP ones). I don’t know what the other courses you mentioned are like, I’m afraid.

      US English might take some getting used to, but it might not be as hard as you think. I’ve had a fair few US clients, and I’ve been able to get to grips with the language requirements without too much difficulty. (I use The Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) most of the time.)

      I hope that helps, and all the best with choosing a course to suit your needs!

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