When to Tell Rather Than Show

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  1. Lilian Gardner avatar
    Lilian Gardner

    A fragment of the story to demonstrate your point of telling and not always showing Excellent. It captured my full attention.

    1. Well-Tempered Proof avatar

      Thank you, Lilian! 😊 It’s very kind of you to let me know.

  2. Liam avatar

    This was a great read, and your snippet of story did hold my attention. Awesome work 👍

    1. Well-Tempered Proof avatar

      Thanks so much, Liam! I’m glad the scene held your interest. 😊

  3. […] heard the advice that you should show rather than tell. That’s not always true (see one of my previous posts for more info), but the advice is useful in some cases. Telling your reader about a mood like in […]

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