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The Book I Wrote in Two Months (and Why You’ll Never Read It)

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When to Tell Rather Than Show

Symbols in Writing (and Why I Hate Rainbows)

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Learning from Our Past Writing

Characters as Quiz Contestants

Giving Your Characters Hard Choices

Showing Rather Than Stating Emotions

Making Sure Your Meaning’s Clear

How to Persuade Your Characters to Make an Unwelcome Choice

Are Your Characters in the Right Place at the Right Time too Often?

Tailbone Features: Essential Parts of Early Drafts

Giving Your Readers Space

Names, and How to Spell Them Correctly

Five Simple Errors to Look for in Your Writing

Common Issues with Quote Marks and Apostrophes

For editors and proofreaders

Review: The PTC’s ‘Essential Proofreading’ Course

How to Use Adobe Reader DC to Proofread PDFs

Titles and Headings: Hi Lee Werth Cheking

How to Target Your Searches in Word

Managing Anxiety by Reading Proof

Investing in Training: How Much Should You Spend?

(PTC Guest Post) My First Year as a Freelance Proofreader

Staying on Target with an Accountability Group

My First Time Attending the CIEP Annual Conference

Turning Off Track Changes (Without Meaning To)

Well-Tempered Tips

How to Use (or Misuse!) the Tab Key

Using Word’s Keyboard Shortcuts


Word Shortcut Training