The editing forge

In his comments, he referenced back to other parts of the story, highlighted areas that needed further development, and even included links to external research sources like decomposition rates, and speed of a loosed arrow, to name a few. He showed in-depth understanding of my story and characters, and all his suggestions were valid and thoughtful. 

This book is so much better for his input, and I highly recommend his services for any author wanting to take their book to the next level.

– Rachael Boucker, author of the Night Order series

Who’s it for?

What does it cost?

Give it a go

You can try out the editing forge for £50. This is for feedback on a single chapter of up to 4,000 words. It includes an editorial report and comments within your manuscript, as well as a 30 minute Zoom call. Furthermore, your fee will be deducted from the cost of a full developmental edit or manuscript critique if you decide to book one. (By no means compulsory, but a nice option in any case!)

Need some more inspiration?

The scenic route

Have you written a scene that doesn’t quite work as you’d hoped, but you don’t know why? Let’s figure it out. Hire me to edit one or more scenes in your novel to see what you’ve done effectively, and what could use some more work. Your characters won’t enjoy the increased stakes and tension, but your readers will!

Pacing power-up

Keeping things moving across a whole novel can be tricky. If you’re struggling, a pacing power-up can pack your plot with purposeful progress. You’ll learn where and why things are slowing down, and how to speed them up.

Dialogue discourse

If you need help making your characters speak authentically without infodumps, a dialogue discourse could be for you. My feedback will help you make well-crafted, relevant dialogue which moves the plot forward and keeps your readers hooked.

More about the process

  • We’ll discuss which area(s) or section(s) of your novel you’d like me to focus on.

  • Next, I’ll read your manuscript or the relevant part(s), and make detailed notes which cover the agreed topic(s).

  • Finally, I’ll send you my feedback. This could include an editorial report, and/or comments and suggestions within your manuscript.

  • My feedback won’t only be critical! I want you to come away excited to create the next draft, so I’ll be pointing out what you’re already getting right too.

Any questions?