Can I book you for developmental editing and proofreading?

How long will it take you to edit/proofread my book?

I wish I could be specific, but it depends on the service you’re hiring me for, the length of your book and how much amendment it requires. I’ll get a good idea when I look at your writing, and we’ll agree a deadline at the start of the project. That way you’ll know when to expect everything back by.

Can you start right now?

Maybe! However, it’s a good idea to get in touch a few weeks in advance, particularly if you’ve already planned when you want to launch your book. There could be a wait if I’m already working with other authors.

Do you offer copyediting?

I will in the future! In fact, I’ve started training in this area. I’m currently studying the CIEP course Copyediting 1: Introduction. I’ll have more to learn once this one’s finished, but I’m pleased to be on the path to gaining the required skills for copyediting.

Will having my book edited make it a bestseller?

I can’t promise that, sadly. How much marketing you’re willing to do will have a big effect on how many copies you sell. However, having a great book is also essential for making readers come back for the next one. Your book will come out stronger for having been through a Well-Tempered edit or proofread.

How can I tell if we’re a good fit?

Do you charge a deposit?

I require 20% of the total fee once we’ve agreed to work together.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

In the UK, I accept payment by bank transfer. If you’re outside the UK, I use Wise. This allows me to send an invoice with bank details for your local currency (e.g. USD). Wise is usually a lot cheaper than PayPal in terms of currency conversion fees.

What if I’ve got a question you haven’t covered?